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1987 America The U.S. Constitution 200th Anniversary Coin Set

1987 America The U.S. Constitution 200th Anniversary Coin Set

1987 America The U.S. Constitution 200th Anniversary Coin Set
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The 1987 United States Constitution Bicentennial commemorative two-coin set includes a 1987 silver dollar (.900 silver) and a 1987 five dollar gold piece (.900 gold) commemorating the 200th anniversary of the Constitution. Both coins are sealed, presented in a hinged box with velvet and a sturdy cardboard outside box printed with United States Constitution Coins.

Patricia Lewis Verani designed the silver dollar. On the obverse the main devices are a quill pen and a piece of parchment. WE THE PEOPLE is inscribed across the coin. The other legends are THE U.S. CONSTITUTION 200th ANNIVERSARY and 1787 LIBERTY 1987, which is below an arc of thirteen stars. The motto IN GOD WE TRUST is at the top of the parchment. The reverse shows a perspective view to a group of thirteen Americans from various periods of time. Below the group is the word DOLLAR with the number 1 below it. The required inscriptions E PLURIBUS UNUM is above and UNITED STATES OF AMERICA is below. They are separated by three interlocking rings on each side.

Marcel Jovine designed the half eagle. Its obverse shows a stylized eagle holding a large quill pen. It is inscribed LIBERTY and has the motto IN GOD WE TRUST above its head, with the date below. The reverse shows another quill pen arranged vertically on the coin. Like the dollar, the words WE THE PEOPLE are inscribed across it. In the left field is the date SEPT 17 1787. To the right is the motto E PLURIBUS UNUM. To the left above are nine stars which represent the first colonies to ratify the Constitution. To the right are four stars representing the other original colonies. Surrounding the coin are the inscriptions UNITED STATES OF AMERICA and BICENTENNIAL OF THE CONSTITUTION.

The Certificate of Authenticity sites the date signed and the Public Law number that authorized the coins. It also gives their specifications and is signed by Donna Pope, the Mint Director.

Additional Info

Year 1987
Metal Content Gold & Silver
Purity 0.900
Condition Proof
Country United States
Manufacturer United States Mint
Diameter (mm) Silver(38.1), Gold(21.59)
Edge Reeded
Box & Certificate Yes

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