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2018 Canada Before Confederation: Colonial Currency of the Atlantic Province .9999 Silver Antique 4 Coin Set

2018 Canada Before Confederation Colonial Currency of the Atlantic Province .9999 Silver Antique 4 coin Set

2018 Canada Before Confederation: Colonial Currency of the Atlantic Province .9999 Silver Antique 4 Coin Set
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Buy or sell 2018 Canada Before Confederation: Colonial Currency of the Atlantic Province .9999 Silver Antique 4 Coin Set at the best price online from LPM. Bulk & payment discounts apply!

Before Confederation, the provinces of Atlantic Canada were separate British North American colonies, each with their own particular cultural character and even their own coins — a fact that adds a fascinating diversity to Canada's coin history. This four-coin set reaches into history for a special look at circulation coins issued in a time before each province joined Confederation. A time before Canada.


  • A TRIBUTE SET TO OUR PAST. A magnificent showcase of Canada’s coin history and the colonial coins of Atlantic Canada.
  • The use of an antique finish adds an appropriately aged, patina-like appearance to these pre-Confederation designs by the renowned British engraver, L.C. Wyon.
  • ADAPTING THE PAST TO THE PRESENT. These 19th-century designs have been painstakingly re-created and adapted to a larger-sized canvas than the original coins.
  • HISTORY SIDE-BY-SIDE. Together as a set, these four coins allow for a close study and comparison of the different designs—even the Nova Scotia and New Brunswick cent coins have slight variations that set each one apart!
  • ORDER TODAY! Previous historical-themed sets like the 2017 Forgotten Designs of 1927 and the Legacy of the Nickel proved to be a hit with collectors and sold out quickly—don’t miss out on this one!

Enhanced by an antique finish, each coin’s reverse is a reproduction of a pre-Confederation circulation coin from one of the four provinces of Atlantic Canada. All four bear reverse designs by Leonard Charles Wyon, and are based on decimal coins authorized by the colonial governments between 1861 and 1871.

Modeled after the 1861 issue, the Nova Scotia One Cent features a wreath of roses and mayflowers encircling St Edward’s Crown at the centre, where an ornamental flourish and the date “2018” are engraved.
The Prince Edward Island One Cent was the only decimal coin ever struck for the province. Released in 1871, the reverse features an oak tree motif adapted from the provincial great seals. The face value “1 CENT” and Latin motto PARVA SUB INGENTI (The small under the protection of the great) are inscribed beneath a tall oak tree representing Great Britain, while three oak saplings symbolize the counties of Prince Edward Island. The Newfoundland Five Cent is set apart by its more ornamental design.

Based on an 1880 issue, the reverse features the denomination “5 CENTS” and the date “2018” framed by an arabesque pattern. The New Brunswick One Cent bears a striking resemblance to the Nova Scotia One Cent. It, too, features St Edward’s Crown framed by a wreath of roses and mayflowers, but with a few slight variations — including the absence of the rosebud seen on the lower right side of the Nova Scotia cent. Each coin’s obverse features the effigy of Her Majesty Queen Elizabeth II by Susanna Blunt.

Additional Info

Year 2018
Metal Content 2oz (Nova Scotia), 1oz (Prince Edward Island), 1/2oz (Newfoundland), 1/4 oz (New Brunswick)
Denomination 1 cent
Purity 9999
Condition Antique
Country Canada
Manufacturer Royal Canadian Mint
Mintage 3,000
Diameter (mm) 50 (Nova Scotia), 40 (Prince Edward Island), 33 (Newfoundland), 27 (New Brunswick)
Edge Reeded
Box & Certificate Yes

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