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2020 1 oz Niue French Trade Dollar .9999 Silver Proof Coin

2020 1 oz Niue French Trade Dollar .9999 Silver Proof Coin

2020 1 oz Niue French Trade Dollar .9999 Silver Proof Coin
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Created for commerce, trade dollars were a de-facto currency used for trade with the Orient. Issued by merchants in silver to the same specification as the Spanish Dollar they allowed trade in tea, spices porcelain and silks to flourish following the end of the first Opium War. They became symbolic calling cards for nations trading with the Far East. The Trade Dollar Collection includes designs inspired by the original coins issued by various countries across the world for trade with the Orient.


The French Indo-China silver Piastre is one of the many successors of the Spanish “piece of Eight” large size silver coins that had circulated in many parts of Asia since the seventeenth century. Arising from a need by many nations to develop commerce and trade with the Orient, the so-called Trade Dollars became almost ‘calling cards’ for western nations as trade with the China and the Orient exploded following the First and Second Opium Wars. As other European powers began their push into Asia, France had for the most part gone unchallenged with the exception being Vietnam who themselves had hopes of achieving greater amounts of territory. By 1885, the French introduced a new currency based on the silver piastre de commerce in order to increase monetary stability The obverse of the coins depicted a distinctive seated Liberty and headdress similar to that worn by the iconic Statue of Liberty, a gift to the American people from France in 1876 on the Centenary Anniversary of US Independence. The reverse side included a simple wreath with the inscription INDO-CHINE FRANCAISE - PIASTRE DE COMMERCE - A TITRE 0,900. POIDS 27 GR. denoting the coin’s original weight and fineness.

Additional Info

Year 2020
Metal Content Silver
Denomination 1 Dollar
Purity 999
Condition Proof
Country Niue
Mintage 1500
Series Trade Dollar Coin Series
Box & Certificate Certificate Only

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