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2oz Ultra High Relief .999 Silver Round - The Siren - Privateer 2

2oz Ultra High Relief .999 Silver Round - The Siren - Privateer 2

2oz Ultra High Relief .999 Silver Round - The Siren - Privateer 2
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Buy or sell 2oz Ultra High Relief .999 Silver Round - The Siren - Privateer 2 at the best price online from LPM. Bulk & payment discounts apply!


The second release in the Privateer Series, the 2 oz Silver Siren Ultra High Relief Round displays a beautiful siren, a mythological creature said to lure sailors into rocky shores. Each round contains .999 fine Silver, adding bullion value to the design.  

Sirens, mythological creatures that were half women, were unsafe yet wonderful animals, who attracted close-by mariners with their enchanting gaze, captivating music, and voices, causing ships to wreck on the rough banks that the Sirens were on. Their song was said to be beautiful, yet sad in melody. If the sailors were unable to resist the sounds of the Sirens, a gruesome death would often follow.  There are many tales of the Sirens in Greek Mythology, one of which is is encounter between Argonauts and the Sirens. Argonauts successfully evades the Sirens by having Orpheus, who is on board his ship,  play his lyre, drowning out the song of the Sirens.  Another well-known encounter is described in the Odyssey; Odysseus pluggs the ears of his crew with wax and orders them to bind him on the mast of the ship. He also tells them that no matter how much he begs, they should not untie him. In the event that the seafarers would not able to oppose the Sirens'  euphoric tones, a frightening outcome would become their fate. This was often a grim demise. 

The Privateer Series of unqiue 2 oz high relief coins will make a great addition to any coin collection. Order yours today!

Additional Info

Metal Content 2oz
Purity 999
Condition Circulated
Country United States
Diameter (mm) 40
Edge Reeded
Series Privateer
Inner Packaging 10
Outer Packaging 250

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