AD 54-68 7.72 gram Twelve Caesars - Tiberius AV Aureus Gold Coin (NGC VF)


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Among the many collections of ancient coins that can be assembled, one of the most challenging and desirable is that of the "Twelve Caesars. An extraordinary general, Tiberius' service to Rome was second only to that of Augustus. However, upon becoming emperor he was beset with troubles that stemmed primarily from dynastic infighting and an unhealthy reliance on his praetorian prefect Sejanus. His reign became so difficult that he abandoned the capital and spent his last decade ruling in relative isolation on the island of Capri. In faraway Judaea, meanwhile, the Roman procurator Pontius Pilate crucified Jesus Christ.

This Ancient gold coin is graded with Ch VF (Choice Very Fine) by NGC.

More Information
Year AD 54-68
Denomination Aureus
Manufacturer Rome