When Is the Best Time to Buy Gold?

Posted on:2017-08-18

Timing is everything in gold and silver investing. To help you buy and invest wisely, we’re sharing the best time to buy gold in our latest post. So you want to strengthen your portfolio, but want to minimize risk. Buying gold is a good investment, as its popularity in times of uncertainty demonstrates. But like many investments, […]

Modern Day Medieval Rituals: The Trial of Pyx

Posted on:2017-08-17

Medieval rituals, ancient plates, and trials presided by the Queen’s Remembrancer… you’d be forgiven for thinking that the Trial of Pyx might be the latest book title from J.K Rowling. Today, the annual Trial of Pyx remains one of the most fascinating traditions alive in the United Kingdom. Its continuation has not only preserved an […]

Royal Mint Launches New Bullion Range – the 1oz Silver Landmarks of Britain Series

Posted on:2017-07-04

The Royal Mint has launched a new silver bullion 1-ounce coin series called “Landmarks of Britain,” beginning with the £2 Big Ben coin.

Buying Gold in Asia: Local Laws, Travel Restrictions and Best Places to Buy

Posted on:2017-05-09

Where is the best place in Asia to buy gold, what should I be buying and how much can or should I buy to avoid my investment being confiscated by customs? These are all the questions you’re likely asking; we’re here to answer them.

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