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African Collectibles

A number of nations throughout Africa have introduced a collection of limited edition coins which celebrate the African Wildlife. The three most popular coin collectibles are the Silver Burundi African Lion, the Congo Gorilla Silverback, and the Rwandan Silver Meerkat.

Burundi Silver African Lion

Only 50,000 pieces were produced for this collection, and each coin has been designed with one troy ounce of silver, and possesses a .999 fineness, which gives it a face value of five thousand Burundi Francs.

Congo Silverback Gorilla Coin

This coin was also limited to 50,000 pieces and each coin contains one troy ounce of silver. The obverse side of the coin features the face of a silverback gorilla displaying a primal roar, while the reverse side displays the coat of arms for the Republic of Congo.

Rwandan Silver Meerkat

The Rwandan Meerkat silver coin is the 9th piece for the Rwandan Wildlife series, and contains one ounce of silver. This coin displays an image of the Meerkat, a small animal that can be found within the deserts of Southern Africa.

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