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Monopoly Series

Set Descending Direction

Set Descending Direction

The Monopoly Series is a collection of coins produced by the New Zealand Mint which celebrate the Monopoly board game, which has sold more than 270 million units since its introduction. These coins are produced in .999 fine silver and come in two sets.

Four Coin Monopoly Set

The four coin set was first introduced in 2013, and each coin has a square shape with a quarter ounce of silver. These coins display famous images from the Monopoly game such as Go To Jail, Pass Go, Free Parking and In Jail, which fans of the game will instantly recognize. The four coins are stored within a green house similar to those featured in the game.

Two Coin Monopoly Set

The two coin Monopoly set features .999 silver and only 5,000 were minted. These coins feature Mr. Monopoly with his suit and top hat. As with the four coin set these coins appear in the shape of a square.

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