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Mother's Love Series

Set Descending Direction

Set Descending Direction

The Mother's Love Series is a popular collection of coins produced by Australia's Perth Mint. These coins are meant to symbolize the powerful connection that exists between a mother and her progeny. This is a heartwarming series which showcases the animal kingdom in a manner that few coins do. Three of the most popular pieces from this collection are the Lioness, Orangutan and Brown Bear.

The Lioness

This is a ½ oz 99.9% silver coin which features an image of a lioness licking her cub. These coins are considered legal tender by the Tuvalu government.

The Orangutan

This is another ½ oz silver coin which features an image of mother and baby, this time a reddish colored female orangutan with her baby riding on her back.

The Brown Bear

This ½ silver coin is one of the most popular pieces in the series. It features an image of a mother brown bear whose cub is lying against her resting.

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