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Mythical Creatures Series

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The Perth Mint delighted precious metals collectors with its introduction of the Mythical Creatures Series. It consists of a group of silver bullion coins which are colorized and depict various mythological creatures. Some of these creatures include the Unicorn, Phoenix, Griffin and Werewolf.

The Unicorn

This breathtaking piece showcases a colorful unicorn lifting itself up with a castle and forest in the background. This is the second coin of the series and only 5,000 were produced.

The Phoenix

This is the third coin in the series and it depicts a reddish and orange phoenix which is flying in the air. It was released in 2013 and limited to 5,000 mintages.

The Griffin

This creature is known for its bravery and might, and is part lion and bird. It was released in 2013 and is the first coin of the series.

The Werewolf

This spectacular coin features a detailed and terrifying image of the legendary werewolf. It was released in 2013, is the 4th coin of the series and only 5,000 were produced.

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