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Set Descending Direction

Set Descending Direction

The Tokelau is a series of four atolls which lie within the territory of New Zealand. A number of silver coins have been produced under the authority of the Tokelau via the Pobjoy Mint, one of the newest of which is the Tokelau Collection. Three popular coins from this collection include the Year of the Monkey, Colorized Snowflake Bear and Silver Hakula-Sailfish.

Year of the Monkey

Released in 2016, these coins commemorate the Year of the Monkey. In Chinese culture the monkey is believe to be a clever and highly intelligent animal, and these 1 oz coins feature two monkeys, a large monkey and a smaller one.

Colorized Silver Snowflake Bear

This Tokelau series coin features a colorized image of a resting Brown Bear with a snowflake above.

Silver Hakula-Sailfish

Each of these coins features .999 silver and depicts an image of the Indo-Pacific Sailfish. It jumps from the water displaying its bill and dorsal fin. This species is regarded as one of the fastest swimmers on Earth.

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