2014 2 oz Niue Crystal Art Series - Secrets of PENA Palace Green Crystal .999 Silver High Relief Antique Finish

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 The Niue Island Secrets of Pena 2 oz Crystal Art $2 silver coin is the third issue in the Crystal Art coin series by the Poland Mint. The first two coins in the series are the Niue Island Secrets of Lichtenstein 2 oz Crystal Art $2 silver coin (2012) and the Niue Island Mysteries of Wawel 2 oz Crystal Art $2 silver coin (2013).

The Niue Island Secrets of Pena 2 oz Crystal Art $2 silver coinhas a real Green Agate crystal inlay and depicts the Pena National Palace in Portugal, which is located in São Pedro de Penaferrim on top of a hill above the town of Sintra.


  • 3rd coin of the “Crystal Art” series.
  • Reduced mintage – worldwide mintage maximum 688 coins.
  • High sharpening relief – much higher than in the coins previously issued (Wawel and Lichtenstein).
  • New innovative minting technology used (ArtCam).
  • Spectacular bright real Green Agate crystal.
  • Exclusive by The Mint of Poland.
  • Elegant gift box with image of the Pena National Palace.
  • Series runs from 2012 (one coin per year).
  • Certificate of Authenticity.


The Pena National Palace has a remarkable history…

 The history of the Pena National Palace started during the Middle Ages (or Medieval period) when a chapel was built on top of the hill above Sintra. The chapel was built in honor of Our Lady of Pena and construction, as per tradition, only started after an apparition of the Virgin Mary.

The chapel was visited by several monarchs, including King John II and his wife Queen Leonor in 1493, as well as King Manuel I. The last king mentioned was so impressed by it that he ordered the construction of a monastery which housed no more than 18 monks. It is the very same monastery that was severely damaged by lightning in the 18th century and later reduced to ruins by the Great Lisbon Earthquake of 1755, when Lisbon and the surrounding areas were almost completely destroyed. It is estimated that between 10,000 and 100,000 people lost their lives, making it one of the deadliest earthquakes in recorded history.

The ruins were left untouched for many years until King Consort, Ferdinand II, bought the old monastery, the surrounding  lands, a few other estates in the area and the nearby Castle of Moors in 1838. He gave instructions to Baron Wilhelm Ludwig von Eschwege, a Lieutenant-General, mining engineer and German amateur architect, to transform what was left of the monastery into a Romantic style palace that could be used by the Portuguese royal family as a summer residence. 


The Pena National Palace 1.jpg


Construction started in 1842 and ended in 1854. The palace would have been completed in 1847, but King Ferdinand and Queen Maria II were very decisive on matters of symbolism and decoration. E.g. the King’s suggestions, or rather instructions, included the addition of vault arches and both Medieval and Islamic elements. The King even went so far as to design an ornate window for the main façade, which was inspired by chapter house window of the Convent of the Order of Christ in Tomar. However, it is certainly nothing out of the ordinary when one learns that Ferdinand II was not only a highly intelligent, but also an artistically-minded individual with modern and liberal ideas.



More Information
Year 2014
Denomination $2
Purity 999
Condition Antique
Country Niue
Manufacturer Mint of Poland
Mintage 688
Diameter (mm) 50
Series Crystal Art
Box & Certificate Yes