2018 16.5 gram Austria Silver & Niobium - Anthropocene .900 Silver Coin

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The Austrian Mint continues their Silver/Niobium series with this eagerly awaited Microcosm coin. Like all the coins in the series, this coin explores the journey of science. This year illustrates the beauty found at microscopic levels.

On the obverse it features a butterfly on a raspberry-red and grass-green niobium core. Also includes “Republik Österreich” (Republic of Austria) and the face value of £25.

On the reverse it features a microscopic view of a butterfly wing at the top center. Moving clockwise, the view changes to what is seen with an electron microscope. The bottom half of the coin illustrates the structure of a cell.

Beginning at the end of the Ice Age, some 11,700 years ago, the subdivision of the Quaternary geologic period, during which all human civilisation developed, is known as the Holocene. The partly scientific, partly philosophical concept of the Anthropocene is effectively a continuation of the Holocene under a symbolic new name. Different shades of green are used in the coin’s niobium core to illustrate this concept. Humanity and its huge footprint on the planet dominate either side of the coin’s two-tone green niobium core, while humanity’s adverse effects on planet Earth are shown in the silver outer ring of Anthropocene.

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More Information
Year 2018
Metal Content Silver
Purity 0.900
Condition New
Country Austria
Manufacturer Austrian Mint
Mintage 65,000
Diameter (mm) 34
Series Niobium Series
Box & Certificate Yes