2018 16 gram Austria Colourful Creatures - The Owl Copper Nickel Coin

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Found on every continent except Antarctica, the owl is a mostly solitary and nocturnal bird of prey comprising 200 different species. Its eerie call, squat body and disproportionately large, staring eyes, which are forward-facing rather than on the side of its head, make the owl one of our most idiosyncratic and distinctive birds.

The eighth coin in the Austrian Mint’s best-selling glow-in-the-dark Colourful Creatures series, The Owl is as distinctive as the magnificent bird itself. One side of the coin features the silhouette of all 12 animals in the series; the other shows a colour-applied image of an Owl that glows in the dark.

More Information
Year 2018
Metal Content Cupro-nickel
Denomination EUR 3
Country Austria
Manufacturer Austrian Mint
Mintage 50,000
Diameter (mm) 34
Series Colourful Creature
Box & Certificate Yes