2018 30.75 grams Canada 180th Anniversary Of Canada Baseball .9999 Silver Proof Coin

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The reverse design by artist Steve Hepburn deftly combines art and technology to re-create a historic sports moment. Paired with engraved stitchwork, the coin's curvature transforms the reverse into a baseball-shaped canvas fit for commemorating the most detailed earliest documented game played in Canada. The highly detailed, precisely engraved image provides a prime view of the action during the match, which took place on June 4, 1838, in Beachville, Ont. As seen from behind the "knocker's stone" (home plate today), the participants from Beachville and Zorra are all in position: one team stands in the open field, ready to catch the ball; a "knocker" (batter) from the opposing team grips the "club" (bat) as he keeps his focus on the ball tossed by the "thrower" (pitcher); to the right of him, an "umpire" leans in to rule whether the ball is "fair" or "unfair." At their feet, the denomiation "25 Dollars" is engraved in a vintage-looking font; in the arched banner above, the double commemorative dates "1838" and "2018" flank a rendering of the equipment used in that era: two clubs (crossed) and a yarn ball covered by stitched calfskin.


  • A special commemoration of the 180th anniversary of the first detailed record of a baseball game played in Canada.
  • The curvature of this convex-shaped coin results in an unusually shaped, fine silver canvas for our baseball-themed celebration. The addition of engraved "stitchwork" completes the effect—the reverse looks like a baseball.
  • Modern engraving techniques and cutting-edge technology allow for a wealth of engraved details in an image that has a remarkably vintage feel! The historic nature of the celebration isn't lost in many of the other design elements—including the choice of font and a closer view of the equipment used at that time.
  • The curved reverse alone knocks it out of the park! Crafted from 99.99% fine silver, this coin's limited mintage, its theme and artistry make it a must-have for baseball fans, history enthusiasts and collectors of specially shaped coins.
More Information
Year 2018
Metal Content Silver
Denomination $25
Purity 9999
Condition Proof
Country Canada
Manufacturer Royal Canadian Mint
Mintage 5,000
Diameter (mm) 36.07 mm
Box & Certificate No