2019 1 oz Britannia & Germania Silver Bu Round

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Following on from the hugely popular release of the Germania silver round, The Germania Mint is proud to present the first release in The Allegories Series with an exquisite design featuring two iconic symbols Britannia & Germania together available in 3 separate sizes (1oz, 2oz, 5oz).

The 1oz silver bu round is strictly limited to a low mintage of 25,000 -grab yours today!

Key Information

  • Metal content: 1 oz
  • Purity: 999.9 Ag
  • Mintage: 25,000 pcs
  • Presented in capsule
  • Obverse: Features a personification of Britannia and Germania
  • Reverse: Displays the effigy of Germania Mint


The Allegories Series

In the Western world, the first feminine personifications of nations were usually majestic manifestations of values ​​considered to characterize the communities of given countries or regions. Many of these visualizations came from the image of Athena and took the Latin names of the ancient Roman provinces, such as Germania, Polonia, Britania and Italia. But why are the names of both countries and their personifications feminine? For millennia, women have been seen as a weaker sex, that should show submission to men. Why national impersonations are women then? There is no unambiguous answer to these questions. It is assumed, however, that people have always identified their homeland with their mother – the first source of food, care and love. Probably that is why terms such as “mother Earth” or “homeland” have found a permanent place both in mass consciousness and in the commonly used language. And although in the overwhelming majority it is still mainly men who are the world leaders, people in times of trial, such as wars or disasters, symbolically turn to the “mother of the nation” for protection and favor. Treating the country as a metaphor of home and family, nations have always identified their countries with maternal protection, which provided them with a sense of security and community. Wishing to pay a tribute to them, we created a series of coins called “The Allegories”, with which we want to celebrate the extraordinary figures of “mothers of nations”, that for centuries have encouraged people in the hardest moments of human history. Thus, for the first time in the history of numismatics, on the following coins of the “The Allegories” series, Germania “will meet” with legendary national personifications in symbolic circumstances.

More Information
Year 2019
Metal Content Silver
Denomination 5 Mark
Purity 9999
Condition Brilliant Uncirculated
Manufacturer Germania Mint
Mintage 25,000
Diameter (mm) 38.61mm
Series The Allegories