Celebrate 30 Years with a Ball

2019 Dragon and Phoenix Spherical Commemoratives Now Available

30 years ago, the first Dragon & Phoenix series was released by the China Mint. This 1989 release has become one of the most collected and sought-out pieces in Chinese numismatics.

Now, to mark the 30th anniversary of the first beautiful, valuable and highly sought-after Dragon & Phoenix Proofs, the China Mint is releasing a massive Dragon & Phoenix Spherical Commemorative featuring designs on all sides!

Creating Spherical History

2019 Kilo Silver Dragon & Phoenix Sphere

In order to create a spherical commemorative, the masterful engineers at the China Mint created a special six-piece die—the traditional hammer (top) and anvil (bottom) dies are present, along with four collar dies that surround the rest of the sphere. Unlike circulating coinage, which can be stuck in the thousands each day, this special spherical proof is created using a process is so detailed and exhaustive that the respected Shenzhen Guobao Mint could only produce 120 spheres each day.

Each laser-engraved die must be polished and fit to the spherical silver ball—in this case, one containing a full kilogram of 99.9% fine silver. Then a hydraulic press is used to strike each sphere several times from all sides. Once striking is finished, each sphere must be hand-inspected to ensure that the design has been seamlessly minted. Then comes the antiquing process, adding additional depth and dramatic detail to the design.

The result is an outstanding piece that features 360 degrees of intricate, beautiful design.

2019 Kilo Silver Dragon & Phoenix Sphere

Outstanding Design

The main area of this special spherical anniversary commemorative depicts the Dragon & Phoenix, mighty celestial creatures whose power and beauty led to their use as symbols of the Emperor and Empress, respectively. The two wrap themselves around the center of the sphere amidst auspicious clouds.

The top of the sphere features the Chinese character "Fu," which represents good fortune—something often bestowed upon the worthy by dragons. The bottom displays the character "Shou," representing longevity—a trait commonly associated with the phoenix, an eternal symbol of rebirth.

Extremely Limited Availability

Due to the recent prosperity in China and the rise of our own collecting community, Chinese commemoratives can rapidly disappear off the market. Of the original 999 struck, we only have 100 available.

2019 Kilo Silver Dragon & Phoenix Sphere

Deluxe Packaging

Each 2019 One Kilo Silver 30th Anniversary Dragon & Phoenix Spherical Commemorative comes in a deluxe display case with wooden base and acrylic cover. It's perfect for viewing this historic piece from all sides, and is sure to make it a centerpiece of your collection.

2019 One Kilo Silver Dragon & Phoenix Spherical Commemorative

  • One kilogram fine silver
  • 99.9% fineness
  • 30th anniversary release
  • Spherical shape
  • Antiqued condition
  • Deluxe display case
  • Only 999 struck
  • Just 100 available
  • LPM is the EXCLUSIVE distributor for this legendary piece in Asia
Don't wait for this beautiful, historic silver sphere to disappear—secure yours now!

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