2020 1 oz Canada Call Of The Wild - Bobcat .99999 Gold Coin

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The bobcat is a solitary and cryptic animal. It rarely vocalizes, but will yowl during mating season, especially if two males are competing for the same female. The bobcat is often confused with the Canada lynx, but its face more closely resembles that of a housecat, and just like other cats, it can hiss, snarl, purr and growl. The bobcat is smaller than the lynx, with shorter ear tufts, spotted fur, and a white underside on its short “bobbed” tail. It also has smaller paws which makes it difficult for the bobcat to move about in the snow, and limits its range to southern Canada. The bobcat’s primary prey includes hares and rabbits, but it will also eat rodents, birds, fish, reptiles, even the occasional deer. It’s an opportunistic hunter that packs quite a punch, and has been observed taking prey much larger than itself.



  • The SEVENTH coin in the “Call of the Wild” series in 1-ounce 99.999% pure gold.
  • Rendered in exquisite detail by Royal Canadian Mint engravers, this coin celebrates the bobcat.
  • Crafted in the Royal Canadian Mint’s exacting standard of 99.999% pure gold, the highest standard of pure gold available in the world.
  • Features a micro-engraved maple leaf laser mark in the coin’s field. In the centre of the mark, visible under magnification, is the numeral “20”, denoting the coin’s year of issue.
  • Unique credit-card sized packaging ideal for easy handling and storing
  • Signed by the RCM’s Chief Assayer, the assay certificate on the back of the card certifies the authenticity and purity of the coin.
  • Highest face value ($200 CAN) of any legal tender 1 oz. gold bullion coin
More Information
Year 2020
Metal Content Gold
Denomination $ 200
Purity 99999
Country Canada
Manufacturer Royal Canadian Mint
Diameter (mm) 30
Thickness (mm) 2.87
Series Call of the Wild Series
Box & Certificate In card