2020 6 gram Fiji Coca-Cola China Bottle Cap 999 Silver Coin (Coca-cola Bottle Privy)

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***This product is able to ship to the customer in Hong Kong and Macau only due to brand owner instruction, all international order will be cancelled***

Introducing Officially Licensed, Legal-Tender Coca-Cola® Coins!

When you see it, you instantly know it -- the radiant red background, the curiously cursive typeface, and the curvaceous contour bottle. No matter where you are in the world or what language you speak, it all means cold liquid refreshment is on the way! Born in the 19th century, popularized in the 20th century and cemented as a global phenomenon in the 21st century, Coca-Cola is the quintessential American drink of choice. Reading this, you're probably thinking of this delicious mix of fizz and flavor right now!

More than just a soft drink, Coca-Cola (or Coke, if you prefer) is a part of everyday life and American culture. Unforgettable ads from the past are still found on the sides of buildings and hanging in general stores. Whether they wanted you to "buy the world a Coke" or "have a Coke and smile" or "catch the wave" because "Coke is it!," decades of unique commercials with catchy jingles still echo today. (They're "Always Coca-Cola," after all!) It was only a matter of time before this unforgettable icon was minted into silver as a legal tender coin. And now, you can bring home this 99.9% pure silver Coca-Cola proof, minted into an iconic shape!


  • UNIQUE, CLASSIC DESIGN!-- Frank M. Robinson, the business partner of Coca-Cola creator Dr. John S. Pemberton, created both the drink's name and its script font in the late 1800s. 130 years later, this world-famous design is the centerpiece of this gorgeous proof, set against a field of recognizable red.
  • UNBELIEVABLE BOTTLE CAP SHAPE!-- Take a closer look, and you'll see this isn't an ordinary coin -- in fact, you'll discover the crimps and curves of a Coca-Cola bottle cap. It isn't an illusion -- this coin is minted into that distinctive shape from six grams of highly pure 99.9% fine silver! Hand-selected planchets of silver are struck multiple times by polished dies using digital colorization and minting technology. The result is a coin with distinct lines, mirror-like fields and vivid color like you've never seen before!
  • FIJI LEGAL TENDER-- What makes these remarkable pieces of silver actual coins? Each 2020 Coca-Cola Bottle Cap Proof is one dollar legal tender for the South Pacific country of Fiji, as seen on the obverse of each coin along with the Fiji coat of arms.
  • COOL COCA-COLA PACKAGING! -- Your proof will arrive to you in a distinctive Coca-Cola tin, topped with a large bottle cap lid -- all inside a bright red Coca-Cola branded box.


If you're a Coca-Cola fanatic, a devotee of unique coins or just want a spectacular gift for the carbonation connoisseur in your life, this unique bottle cap proof is one not to miss! Just don't wait -- with millions of Coca-Cola fans around the world, we're not expecting these proofs to last long in our vaults. Pop one in your cart now!

More Information
Year 2020
Metal Content Silver
Denomination $1
Purity 999
Condition Proof Like
Country Fiji
Diameter (mm) 32.6
Box & Certificate Yes