2020 8 gram Great Britain Hylaeosaurus Cupro-nickel BU Coin

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Countless books, films, and games have helped to fuel our fascination with dinosaurs, some of the most awe-inspiring animals to have ever walked the planet. British anatomist Richard Owen was the first scientist to realize that the fossilized remains of three creatures uncovered in nineteenth-century England shared common characteristics. He used the term ‘Dinosauria’ to describe this new group of animals in a paper published in 1842.

This coin is the latest release in the Dinosauria Collection and depicts Hylaeosaurus, one of the three extinct creatures that Owen realized were closely related. It is available as a gold Proof, silver Proof, color-printed silver Proof, and a Brilliant Uncirculated edition.

Other features of the coin:

  • A fascinating British perspective on the world of dinosaurs told for the first time on a UK coin
  • Engaging and educational content for dinosaur fans young and old
  • The packaging features high-quality, anatomically accurate illustrations and content developed in collaboration with the Natural History Museum
More Information
Year 2020
Metal Content Cupro-nickel
Denomination GBP 0.5
Condition Brilliant Uncirculated
Country United Kingdom
Manufacturer Royal Mint
Mintage Unlimited
Diameter (mm) 27.3
Series Dinosauria Collection