2021 American Eagle Silver BU Coins with a new reverse design coming soon

The American Silver Eagle is one the world's most collected bullion coin. Although it is an undisputed leader among silver bullion coins, it has not yet adapted to growing threats such as improved counterfeiting. In mid-2021, United States Mint is introducing historic updates to its original reverse design, which is sure to make this coin even more popular in the coming years.

History of the American Silver Eagle

The American Silver Eagle Program made its debut in 1986 with both gold and silver coins. The coins were not the first modern bullion issues, with coins such as South Africa's gold krugerrand and Canada's Gold Maple Leaf already available. Even so, both coins quickly rose to prominence and popularity not only for their stunning designs but also for their US government backing for weight and purity.

The designs of the series have remained constant, with relatively minor changes being made for their first three and a half decades. In mid-2021, Silver Eagles will start to feature a new reverse design. Some 2021 Brilliant Uncirculated issues will also feature the original reverse design. By law, this design cannot change again for at least 25 years.

2021 American Silver Eagle with New Reverse Design

On October 1, 2020, the United States Mint revealed the much anticipated new reverse design that will debut on Brilliant Uncirculated Silver Eagles in mid-2021. The United States Mint will also be releasing 2021 Brilliant Uncirculated issues featuring the original reverse design earlier in the year.

2021 American Silver Eagle
  • The new reverse design was created by Emily Damstra, a participant in the Artistic Infusion Program (AIP), and was sculpted by United States Mint Medallic Artist Michael Gaudioso. The reverse still features a bald eagle, but from a new perspective. The design depicts an eagle in flight, just about to land, talons grasping an oak branch.
  • The obverse design of the Silver Eagle will continue to feature Adolph Weinman's famous Walking Liberty design. Revived for the series after first featuring on half dollars from 1916-1947, the design features Liberty draped in the American flag and wearing a Phrygian cap that identifies her as a freed slave. She walked confidently with laurel and oak branches, symbols of civilian and military honors, in her left hand. Her right hand extends in front of her above the morning sun, as if presenting the new day to the holder.

When will the 2021 Silver Eagle Featuring a New Reverse Design Be Available?

The 2021 Brilliant Uncirculated American Silver Eagle featuring the new reverse design will be available in mid-2021. Sign up to be notified when this issue is available to purchase from LPM.