2022 2oz Chad Dragon King of the Four Seas Series - Vermillion Dragon .999 Silver Antique High Relief Coin

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In the geography of ancient China, large water bodies were found in each of the four cardinal directions. The four seas thus became a metaphor for the boundaries of China, with the belief that each of the seas was governed by Dragon Kings – the most powerful creatures in the world. As divine rulers of the waters and the Five Elements, the Dragon Kings of the Four Seas manifested in two forms – their human persona and dragon deity form. They were worshipped to bring peace and safety to all seas, lakes, and water bodies, and believed to rule all weather on Earth. Since then, many have continued to invoke and seek the favor of the Dragon Kings for a smooth and peaceful life.

Presiding over the South China Sea is Ao Qin (敖欽), also known as the Vermillion Dragon. Ruler of the season of Spring and master of the Fire element, Ao Qin is able to command lightning and fire. The majestic creature is thus depicted diving deep in a sea of red, an allegory of his stature and powers. Above him, the waves crash and roll while he glides through the vermillion shade effortlessly. Of the four in the Dragon King series, Ao Qin is the only piece whereby his head is depicted on the enamel portion of the coin. As a result, details on his long body are clear and distinct — textured scales on the top surfacing beautifully while contrasted with a smooth underside. Straight long horns coupled with the wavy tendrils planted on the dragon’s head make his strong and dignified form stand out underneath the enamel.

Through the use of a new minting technique called “Bi-Metal Reverse”, it achieves a remarkable weight and 80mm diameter size – making it double the size of a regular 2 oz collectible. By combining 2 oz of 999 pure silver as a base with a top layer of 11.5 oz of copper, the result is a super ultra-high relief that brings out every detail to maximum effect, then finished with antiqued silver to conclude.

More Information
Year 2022
Metal Content Mixed
Denomination 10000 Franc
Purity 999
Condition Antique
Country Republique du Tchad
Mintage 500
Diameter (mm) 80
Series Dragon King of the Four Seas
Box & Certificate Yes