2022 1oz Niue Magical Nanny .999 Silver Antique Coin

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A woman who is capable of anything 

This could probably be the way to describe this nanny. She is attentive, charming, creative, but most importantly, she manages to do everything in time and is able to change the world for the better. This nanny symbolizes strong women who,like a real Jillof alltrades,keeps up with everythingand knows how to take care of everyone, so that no one is left unhappy. After all, there are so many different needs and so many different expectations in a house with children. The greatest challenge in the family is to understand and support each other.It seems that this is what the Magical Nanny is teaching us.

Nowadays, when consumer culture is gaining ground in the world and society is in such a rush everv day, there is verv little time left for a truly sincere relationship.For a relationship with yourself, a relationship with your significant other, or for a parent's relationship with theirchildren. So, this coin is a reminder that family is our most precious asset.

More than justananny

Most likely the image of a nanny flying over the city with an umbrella is perfectly recognizable to many. The Magical Nanny,holding a rainbow-coloured umbrella, invites us to talk about what is hiding beneath beautiful pictures: about our real life and its challenges. The nanny invites us to remember that childhood is one of the most important stages of our lives, which determines not only who we will grow into. but also what we will be like for our children.
This coin is made using the best modern minting technologies. The UV printing used gives the coin an exceptional look and at the same time ensures durability.This coin is the perfect choice for those looking for an original gift for a close family member.It is an excellent gift for parents, children, or grandparents. It is an exceptional and original way to say how important our loved ones are to us.

The obverse of the coin features a portrait of Her Majesty Queen Elizabeth I.The coin is packaged in a round box decorated with a unique design created specifically for this series ofcoins, so it can be given as a gift right away.


More Information
Year 2022
Metal Content Silver
Denomination $ 1
Purity 999
Condition Antique
Country Niue
Mintage 1,000
Diameter (mm) 40
Box & Certificate yes