2022 1/2oz Niue The Water Tiger .999 Silver Coin

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This unique coin portrays traits such as determination, courage, and strength, which are not only associated with tigers but will also be of key importance in the new year. This coin can be an excellent gift or a new item in your personal collection. The coin can also become a good luck charm for those born in the Year of the Tiger.

Underlining the greatness of the symbol of the new year The coin dedicated to the Year of the Tiger reflects the nature of the Tiger and the symbolism associated with it.

The Chinese say that people born in the Year of the Tiger are leaders as well as excellent hunters and investigators, meaning that the Tiger coin will be the perfect choice for people born in the Year of the Tiger or make a great gift for those whom we wish determination in pursuing their goals. The Chinese believe that the tiger is a true king of animals and that its image may be kept as a symbol of protection and good luck. Tigers also symbolize trust and patience, respect and power. Tigers are also viewed as a symbol of royal posture and dignity - these are qualities that are valued all over the world. Leadership skills and courage are encoded in the nature and everyday life of tigers. The experts at the Lithuanian Mint have put their best effort into presenting all these tiger traits when they created this coin, which is a true masterpiece.

According to the Chinese calendar, 2022 will be the year of the Water-Tiger. The Tiger is normally associated with earth, but next year it will unite two different elements. To underline this, the experts at the Lithuanian Mint have opted for solutions enabling them to focus on water symbolism. At the center of the reverse, there is an image of a majestic tiger head made of tiny dots - mirrors that are reminiscent of water droplets. When the coin is turned, each tiny silver mirror dot reflects the light-like reflections on the water on a sunny day.

The obverse contains a portrait of Her Majesty Queen Elizabeth II. The most advanced minting technology - relief - was employed to manufacture the coin, making it unique and proving its premium quality. A special coating was also used to protect the coin against wear. Each coin is sold in a wooden box.

More Information
Year 2022
Metal Content Silver
Denomination $ 1
Purity 999
Condition Proof Like
Country Niue
Manufacturer Lithuanian Mint
Mintage 2022
Diameter (mm) 40
Box & Certificate yes