LPM sells a large assortment of collectible coins. Some of these coins were produced by the Austrian Mint, while others are produced by the Perth Mint, Royal British Mint or New Zealand Mint. Our inventory encompasses rare and popular pieces from around the world.

About Coin Collecting

Collectors are often attracted to coins that have been circulated briefly, as well as those which are historically significant. Coin collecting is distinct from numismatics because numismatics involves a study of currency which is systematic. Coins are primarily valued by their grade, and services such as NGC and PCGS will authenticate, grade and encapsulate coins for a fee.

Coins have been collected ever since mankind first learned to mint them. Throughout history they have been considered by collectors to be a form of art which is portable, but coin collecting as it is known today didn't begin to emerge until the 14th century.

Why You Should Buy Collectibles Online from LPM

The internet has made it easier than ever to find and purchase collectible coins. LPM is a Hong Kong based dealer that in recent years has emerged as one of the most prominent coin dealers in Asia due to our extensive inventory of collectible and bullion coins. Customers choose us because they know we will deliver their orders fast without charging them hidden fees. Our customers also recognize the relationships we maintain with mints throughout the world – we acquire our coins wholesale which mean excellent prices for our customers. Choose LPM today for all your precious metals needs!