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The Disney Collection was first introduced by the Perth Mint in 2014, and features a variety of characters from the Disney world including Goofy, Mickey Mouse, Daisy Duck, Pluto, and Minnie Mouse. Each of these coins is produced with 99.9 percent silver, and is limited to no more than 10,000 mintages. All coins within this series are colorized.

Minnie Mouse Silver Coin

This 1 oz coin depicts Minnie Mouse in a white and red dress with polka dots.

Goofy Silver Coin

These 1 oz coins show an image of Goofy wearing white gloves, a turtle neck, tall hat and waist coat.

Donald Duck Silver Coin

Fans of Donald Duck will definitely want to get their hands on this 1 oz coin. It features an image of Donald wearing his classical bow tie and sailor suit.

Mickey Mouse Silver Coin

This classical silver coin displays an image of the iconic character wearing his white gloves and yellow shoes.

Pluto Silver Coin

Pluto is a Disney canine character who is loosely based on the English Pointer breed. In this 1 oz coin, he appears with a mustard colored coat, green collar, and long black ears.

Daisy Duck Silver Coin

This 1 oz silver coin depicts Daisy Duck wearing a blouse with heels, and a hair bow.

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