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The Macau Monetary Authority has released a new series of coins which are called the Lunar Collection. These coins are produced by the Singaporean Mint, and include the Lunar Goat, Return to China and Macau Monkey.

The Lunar Goat

This colorized silver coin is the eighth edition and was released to commemorate the Year of The Goat (2015). The obverse side of the coin displays a sharp image of a goat, which has a brightly colored rhododendron off to the side. The goat in China is considered an animal of peace.

Return to China

This 10 oz silver coin commemorates the ten year anniversary of Macau returning to China.

Macau Monkey

The 5 oz & 1 oz colorized silver coin commemorates the Year of the Monkey (2016). It depicts an image of a monkey holding a peach, with a group of peach blossoms nearby which are blooming. In China peaches are said to represent immortality, and have traditionally been associated with monkeys.

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