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Mongolia first began producing modern coins during the 1920s; before this they primarily used banknotes. The togrog is a Mongolian currency unit that is split into one hundred mongo, but mongo coins haven’t been issued since the 1990s. As a result, these coins are highly sought after by enthusiasts and tourists that visit the country.

Overview of Mongolian Coins

A number of coins have been issued in Mongolia over the years, many of which have since been devalued. The mongo and togrog are the most successful and have become popular among coin collectors around the world.  Mongolian coins will typically be struck with metals such as aluminum or cupronickel. The nation has also produced some commemorative pieces.

Mongolian coins are distinct in that they often feature various scripts. Some of the inscriptions which have been featured on these coins include Cyrillic, Mongolian and English. Mongo coins issued before 1990 are some of the most sought after by collectors.

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