Gods of Ancient Greece

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In 2013, the New Zealand Mint excited mythology buffs and coin collectors alike with its release of the Gods of Ancient Greece Series. These coins commemorate the deities worshipped by the Greeks during ancient times and include figures such as Athena and Poseidon. Each coin is comprised of 2 oz fine silver and features a distinct rectangular shape.

Poseidon Silver Coin

Poseidon is the fourth release for this series and the coin arrives in a stylish case that resembles a Greek temple. In Greek mythology Poseidon is the God of the Sea. The authority of Niue considers these coins to be legal tender.

Athena Silver Coin

This coin is the third release for the series, and depicts an image of the Greek Goddess Athena, with an owl flying above her head. In Greek mythology Athena is regarded for her wisdom and prowess in combat is one of the favorite children of Zeus.

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