Lunar Series

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While the New Zealand Mint is much younger than other mints throughout the world, it has rapidly established itself as a serious producer of commemorative and bullion coins. Perhaps the best example of this is the Lunar Series. Three of the most popular coins from this collection include the Lunar Monkey, Lunar Goat and Lunar Horse.

Lunar Monkey

The 2016 Lunar Monkey is a silver coin that commemorates the Year of the Monkey. Each coin is comprised of 1 oz of fine silver and depicts three monkeys playing together.

Lunar Goat

The 2015 Lunar Goat is a 1 oz silver coin which features a group of three goats. The goat is said to symbolize fertility and prosperity, and is a fitting addition to this collection.

Lunar Horse

The 2014 Lunar Horse is a ½ oz silver coin which contains a single, stunning image of a horse galloping. The Chinese character for horse can be seen next to it.

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