Niue Good Luck Series

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The Polish Mint, which is based in Warsaw, has produced a number of exciting coins over the years. This tradition continues with their release of the Niue Good Luck Series. This series includes the Four Leaf Clover, Angel Silver Proof and Lady Bird coins.

Four Leaf Clover Coin

This coin contains a four leaf clover made from silver which is covered by 24 carat gold. It was crafted using cutting edge digital printing. The four leaf clover is a simple of prosperity, hope and faith.

Angel Silver Proof Coin

This coin was first issued in 2014, and is embellished through the use of digital printing. It displays an angel made from silver which is covered by 24 carat gold, and on the obverse is an image of Queen Elizabeth II.

Lady Bird Coin

This coin contains a silver image of a lady bird which is plated in 24 carat gold. It was first issued in 2014 and only a few thousand were produced, making it a real gem for collectors.

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