Niue Love & Gift Coins

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The Niue Love & Gift series produced by the Polish Mint are a great way to showcase your thoughts in a manner that doesn’t require words. They are designed to symbolize admirable qualities such as trust, affection, loyalty and love; because when an individual has these things in their lives the experience is truly wonderful.

About This Series

When designing these coins, the Polish Mint wanted to create something that would dare buyers to showcase their sentimental side. These coins are the ideal gift for someone special in your life, and they are the best way to showcase these feelings. Each coin is struck in sterling silver and features a distinct design which is shaped like a heart. They also utilize digital printing for the embellishment and each coin has corundum inserts for decoration. An inscription on the rim can be seen which says “Always with you.”

Why You Should Buy Niue Love & Gift Coins from LPM

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