Niue Lunar Series

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The Polish Mint made a major splash in the precious metals market with their introduction of the Niue Lunar Series. These coins appear in numerous varieties but the one thing they have in common is their superb attention to detail and spectacular craftsmanship and creativity. The Angel Carriage Lunar and Seven Bells Lunar are two popular editions.

Angel Carriage Lunar

This coin features a unique image of a goat which is pulling a carriage while an angel watches nearby. The goat is considered to symbolize fertility while the angel embodies guidance and protection. The coin features a 24 carat gold plate and only 6,000 were minted.

Seven Bells Lunar

As with the Angel Carriage Lunar, this coin also features an image of a goat. This coin provides excellent depth illusion and it weighs one ounce. It is said to represent the Year of The Goat and the animal itself symbolizes abundance, riches and fertility. The number of seven is also said to denote happiness and excellence.

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