Megafauna Series

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Most mints around the world have coins which commemorate various types of contemporary wildlife, but few commemorate the many species that lived in the distant past. The Perth Mint has done so with the release of their Megafauna series. Not only does this collection celebrate animals that roamed the Earth long ago, it focuses on marsupials, which today can only be found in the Australian continent.

About This Series

These coins are struck in 1 ounce fine silver. They celebrate ancient Australian animals such as the Procoptodon, which is a kangaroo type species that became extinct almost fifty thousand years ago. Each coin is colorized and mintages have been limited to just 6,500. Peter Trusler is responsible for the coin’s design and is a respected artist as well as zoologist. These coins are becoming a hot item among collectors so get yours while supplies last!

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