Opal Series

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The Opal Series is a collection of coins produced by the Perth Mint which are inspired by various Australian animals of the night. Two of these coins include the Opal Lunar Monkey and Opal Wombat.

2016 Opal Lunar Monkey

This is one of the first coins to be released for the series. It contains 1 oz of fine silver, and depicts an image of a monkey with a peach hanging from a branch behind it, a symbol of immortality within Chinese culture. Only 5,000 of these coins have been produced.

Australia Silver Opal Wombat

This coin is also 1 oz fine silver and commemorates Australia's nocturnal creatures. The coin depicts a wombat with Bottlebrush blossoms, leaves and the moon. It was designed by Aleysha Howarth and only 8,000 coins have been minted.

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