Sunburnt Country

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Sunburnt Country is a collection of coins which honor Dorothea Mackellar, an Australian poet. Her poem “My Country” was one of her greatest works and this series of coins commemorates it through the depiction of spectacular landscapes throughout the Australian continent.

About This Series

Dorothea Mackellar drafted her poem “My Country” while living in London, where she became homesick. The poem represents the national pride and patriotic spirit which arose among Australians during the Second World War. These coins are struck with 1 ounce of 99% pure silver, and appear in the shape of a rectangle as opposed to a circle. The series is produced as a set of 4 coins, and will display not only images of Australia’s landscape, but animals such as the Kangaroo. Each coin features the text “I Love a Sunburnt Country” and a line from one of Mackellar’s poems.

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