Wedge Tailed Eagle Series

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The Perth Mint first introduced the Wedge Tailed Eagle Series in 2014, and since that time this collection of coins has soared among collectors and enthusiasts. The coins are inspired by Australia’s largest eagle, which gets its name from its distinct tail which is wedge shaped.

About This Series

The coins within this collection utilize designs which were created by John Mercanti, a noted American engraver. They are produced in a wide range of materials including silver, platinum and gold, and appear in both bullion as well as collector editions. The most popular version of the Wedge Tailed Eagle is the silver 1 ounce bullion high relief coin. The Eagle is a popular bird both within Australia and many other societies because it represents strength and power, and it is used as a symbol for Australia’s national defense. Upon its release, the coin received critical acclaim.

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