2020 46.8g Canada Classic Mountie Hat .9999 Silver Coin

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The year 2020 was a commemorative one for the Mounties: it marked 100 years since the Royal North West Mounted police was renamed the Royal Canadian Mounted Police and took on ithttps://www.lpm.hk/index.php/vportal/catalog_product/edit/store/0/id/9489/key/6e26df3984c828a67f351582cfb72a15/#s federal policing responsibilities.

Looking ahead to 2023, the Royal Canadian Mounted Police will be celebrating 150 years as Canada’s national police service. It’s proud of its history and the many milestones that have made the organization what it is today.

To celebrate, the Royal Canadian Mint has engineered a never-before-seen 3D coin shape: an RCMP hat. Beneath the gold plating on the reverse, a special frosting captures the look of the hat’s felt material while brown gold plating (also a first) colours the bronze band.

And take a look at what’s under that wide brim—you’ll find the RCMP motto and the RCMP rider from the Mint’s 2020 2 oz. bullion coin.


New shape. Designed as a replica of the RCMP uniform hat, this salute to Canada’s national police force features a taller crown and sharper angles than the helmet- shaped 2018 Lest We Forget coin. The wide-brimmed hat is instantly recognizable and, along with the RCMP’s famous Red Serge tunic, it is a world-famous icon that is synonymous with law and



  • First-time use of brown gold. A brown-gold surface plating technique helps capture the look of the hat’s leather band made out of bronze.
  • Looks like felt. Special frosting beneath the gold plating mimics the look of felt—just like a real RCMP hat.
  •  Limited mintage. Only 6,500 available.
More Information
Year 2020
Metal Content Silver
Denomination $ 25
Purity 9999
Country Canada
Manufacturer Royal Canadian Mint
Mintage 6,500
Box & Certificate Yes