2019 1 kg 30th Anniversary of the First Dragon & Phoenix Commemorative Spherical 999 Silver Ball

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This commemorative spherical Dragon & Phoenix silver kilo was struck to celebrate the 30 th anniversary of the first Dragon & Phoenix release from the China Mint. This design features a handsome, yet fierce, depiction of a Chinese Dragon and Phoenix struck right onto the spherical surface! With millions of China-themed numismatic collectors worldwide, only a tiny fraction will be able to add this unique piece to their collection.

The top of the Spherical features the Chinese character Fu which represents good fortune, the center includes a Dragon and Phoenix design with auspicious clouds swirling around the ball, and the bottom has the Chinese character Shou which represents longevity.

This 2019-dated 1 Kilo Silver Phoenix and Dragon Commemorative piece is issued by the Shenzhen Guobao Mint (China Mint). Each commemorative will include a certificate from the mint and a specially-design presentation case designed to showcase the commemorative’s unique attributes.

Only 999 of these unique collectibles have been authorized for release. Collect now at LPM!

More Information
Year 2019
Metal Content Silver
Purity 999
Condition Antique
Manufacturer Shenzhen Guobao Mint
Mintage 999
Diameter (mm) 56.7
Box & Certificate Yes