2018 20 gram United States - North Korea Summit Nickel Plated Medallion

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The Singapore Mint has launched commemorative medallions carrying the inscription "World Peace" ahead of the highly anticipated summit in Singapore between US President Donald Trump and North Korean leader Kim Jong Un.

The obverse design of the medallion features an affirmative handshake between the two leaders and the national flags of both countries. North Korea’s national flag is depicted on the left, while the United States’ national flag is depicted on the right, aptly representing both countries’ position on the political spectrum. The scheduled summit date, 12.06.18, and the text ‘Summit in Singapore’ is also minted on the obverse of the medallion.

The reverse of the medallion features a dove. A universal symbol of peace, the dove highlights the significance of the summit which is a historic step towards world peace. The national flowers of the United States and North Korea, Rose and Magnolia sieboldii, are respectively featured on the medallion, interlaced with each other and in vibrant colours.

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Year 2018
Condition Proof Like
Manufacturer Singapore Mint
Diameter (mm) 40.7
Box & Certificate Yes