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Argor heraeus Gold Bar

Argor Heraeus is one of the world’s largest precious metals refineries located in Switzerland. In 1951, Argor SA refinery was founded and was owned by Swiss bank Union Bank of Switzerland (UBS). The refinery was renamed as UBS and Heraeus formed a joint venture company called ‘Argor-Heraeus SA’ to operate the refinery in 1986. Unlike most of the world’s major mints or refineries which are owned by one major shareholder, Argor Heraeus is owned by 3 major distinct shareholder entities which are Heraeus, Commerzbank and Austrian Mint.

 The Argor Heraeus refinery has an annual gold refining capacity of approximately 350 – 400 tonnes. Apart from investment grade precious metals bars, precious metals coins, finished and semi-finished alloys and high precision products for the electronics and jewellery industries also contribute to a large production of the Argor Heraeus. Argor Heraeus also produces customised precious metals bars on behalf of specific customers in the bullion industry.

Popular Products from Argor Heraeus

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