Austrian Mint

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Founded in 1988, the Austrian Mint reigns from Vienna and is closely associated with the National Bank of Austria. It is responsible for designing, minting and stamping coins which in the past included the Austrian schilling. Today, it produces the Austrian euro coinage, but has become most famous for its creation of the Maria Theresa Taler and the Vienna Philharmonic coins. The Maria Theresa coins are named in honor of Empress Maria Theresa, while the Vienna Philharmonic pieces are named in honor of the Vienna orchestra. Both coins are some of the most widely recognized in the world by avid collectors.

Popular Products from Austrian Mint

  • Maria Theresa Taler coins
  • Vienna Philharmonic coins

Availability & Pricing

The prices of the silver coins minted by the Austrian Mint depend on numerous factors, such as the age, issue and condition of the coin. It is also necessary to consider silver’s current spot price as well as the status of the bullion market. The coins sold through the Austrian Mint are high in quality and are often available through a primary distributor like us.

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LPM is a leading coin dealer in Asia, and is a direct distributor of the Austrian Mint. This means that the coins sold by us are acquired wholesale which mean the prices are highly competitive for our clients. We also offer industry leading customer service and our clients choose us because they know that they can receive their merchandise in the fastest and most secure manner possible. Browse through our silver coin inventory for the Austrian Mint and buy with confidence today!