Platinum & Other Metals

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While platinum may not be as popular as silver and gold, it has many of the same benefits. Its price movements tend to closely follow those metals as well as other commodities. Adding platinum to your portfolio is a great way to diversify your holdings. LPM periodically holds sales for platinum coins and bars, but when shopping for platinum it is important to remember that the available brands will be less than what you’ll find with gold and silver.

Platinum Coins and Bars

Platinum bars make an excellent investment vehicle. They will usually be sold in sizes which range from grams to troy ounces. Larger platinum bars have smaller premiums over the metal’s spot price, so it is best to purchase the biggest bar you can afford. Platinum coins are minted by governments and will display a face value in the currency for the country in which they were produced, but their true value will always be much higher. Most of the world’s most popular and sought after coins have platinum editions.

Why You Should Buy Platinum & Other Metals from LPM

LPM is regarded as being one of the top precious metals dealers in Asia. Our inventory is unmatched, our customer service is first rated, and our prices are the best you’ll find anywhere, anytime. We maintain relationships with numerous mints around the world and are an authorized distributor for some. This means we acquire our coins directly from the mint, and can guarantee the authenticity of each product sold in our store. Choose LPM today when you want to buy platinum and other metals!