Sigma Metalytics Metal Verifier PRO

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The Precious Metal Verifier Pro has been developed to greatly enhance the capabilities of the original Precious Metals Verifier. It makes four separate measurements that ensure that the coin or bar contains valid metal. The device now measures the surface resistivity, and the resistivity all the way through the coin at the same time. No more worries about the depth of the buried metal. The PMV PRO measures the thickness of the metal, even for coins in plastic holders. Also, if the weight is entered, the density can be verified to be correct by measuring coin or bar dimensions directly on the instrument. In many cases this can be done even for coins in holders. With these additional checks, you will find greatly increased security using the Precious Metal Verifier Pro.


  • Measures completely through the sample.
  • Measures the sample thickness.
  • Reads through numismatic cases.
  • Confirms that the metal density is correct.
  • Also available with external wands: Refiners wand measures 50% deeper. New - Small wand for use with 1/20 oz & 1 gram samples Microwand measures down to 3 mm spot size.