African Lion Coins

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The production of the Burundi Lions Coins was authorized by the Burundi government in 2015. The series features a new, distinctive design every year and have already become highly sought after by both silver investors and coin collectors. Each coin weighs one ounce and is comprised of pure silver, and within the country of Burundi, they are considered legal tender.

History of the Burundi Lions Coins

These coins were first introduced in the latter part of 2014, and are sold through multiple dealers around the world. The coins feature an image of African Lions which are facing forward, and there are no current plans to produce the coins in weights other than one oz.

Features of the Burundi Lions Coins

The image of the African Lions will be updated with each new edition of these coins, and the coins will also showcase a backdrop which is typical of the landscape that is found throughout Burundi and other parts of Africa. The 2015 edition features a male and female lion on the reverse side, and they are resting together near a savannah within the shade of a tree. The obverse side of the coins showcases the Burundi National Seal.

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