The Royal Mint

One of the most renowned mints in the world, United Kingdom's Royal Mint has been operating for more than 1,100 years, manufacturing some of the most majestic coins available in the coin collector's market. This historical mint's high quality coins and bullions are made with stringent standards, making it a hot favorite among investors and numismatists. Besides minting coins for the country, Royal Mint also crafts medals for the government and military for commemorative events.

Popular Products from Royal Mint

  • Silver Britannia
  • Gold Britannia
  • Maundy Money

Availability & Pricing

When it comes to the pricing of silver coins minted by the Royal Mint, you need to consider the current spot price of silver as well as the state of the bullion market. The bullions and coins from the Royal Mint are generally considered quite affordable, and availability is stable as this mint makes sure that their distributors can replenish their stocks easily.

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