Birds of Prey Series

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Coins from the Birds of Prey Series are like most limited edition products – this means that earlier releases will become more difficult to acquire in the future. Hence, purchasing them early once they are available is advised to avoid potential disappointment for your collection or investment. Products from the Birds of Prey Coin Series come with restricted numbers, in fact only one million standard bullion coins are released per design. If you are looking for numismatic Canadian Bald Eagle or proof Peregrine Falcon coins, the Birds of Prey Series will certainly thrill you.

History of the Iconic Birds of Prey Silver Coin Series

The first coin from this series was released in 2014, and it featured a Peregrine Falcon on the coin's reverse side. The markings on the coin included the wording of Canada, the fineness and weight. The coin's falcon image was designed by acclaimed coin illustrator, Emily Damstra. In 2015, the Royal Canadian Mint launched the second coin of the series, this time featuring the Canadian Bald Eagle.

Why You Should Buy Birds of Prey Series Coins from LPM

The Royal Canadian Mint does not offer its bullion coins directly to the public, including coins from the Birds of Prey series. Lucious Precious Metals is a trusted bullion distributor for the Royal Canadian Mint, and that's why you will be able to purchase coins from this series from us. Apart from having an extensive inventory of Birds of Prey Series silver coins, our exceptional customer service will ensure that your procurement process is an enjoyable one. We also offer very competitive prices for our coins and bullions so you can enjoy significant savings when you purchase from us today.