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The Royal Canadian Mint produces a variety of silver bars, and one of the latest is the ten ounce Royal Canadian Mint Silver Bar. Each of these bars weighs ten troy ounces and is comprised of fine silver, making them some of the purest bars ever offered to investors. Each bar has the complete backing of the Canadian government, and is a must-have product for serious silver investors.

Popular Products from Royal Canadian Mint

  • 10 oz Royal Canadian Mint .9999 Silver Bar
  • 100 oz Royal Canadian Mint .9999 Fine Silver Bar

Availability & Pricing

The ten ounce silver bars struck by the Royal Canadian Mint are one of the few silver bars sold by a national government. Therefore, these bars have high purity levels as well as a number of security features such as a unique serial number with serrated edges. This ensures both the protection and authenticity of your purchase. The prices are partly influenced by these factors as well silver’s current spot price per ounce. Because of its rarity and high investment value, these silver bars are highly valuable in the eyes of a silver investor.

Why You Should Buy Royal Canadian Mint's Silver Bars from LPM

We are based in Hong Kong and have been in this business for over seven years, building stellar relationships with mints throughout the world such as the Austrian Mint, Royal Canadian Mint, and the British Royal Mint. Our silver bars are shipped directly from the Royal Canadian Mint. Because we do not practice any hidden fees, you are guaranteed the most competitive pricing when you buy from us. Take a look at our Canadian silver bars now and make a wise investment for your silver portfolio today!