Five Blessings

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Five Blessings is a famous coin series with five bats being depicted together. The featured bats are a visual representation of virtue, composure, health, wealth and longevity. In Chinese culture, there are many ways to pass blessings along to loved ones. From tokens, medals to coins, there is good number of methods of well wishing. For investors and collectors, you will be pleased to know that the coins are also struck from one ounce of pure silver (99.9%).

History of the Five Blessings Coins

With a variety of Chinese culture elements becoming popular around the globe, the symbolism for good fortune, luck and other blessings have caught on the trend as well. The Royal Canadian Mint recognized the significance of these symbolisms of blessings and minted more than 8,000 Five Blessings silver coins. The coins from the series are available in Brilliant Uncirculated condition.

Why You Should Buy the Five Blessings Coins from LPM

The hottest item of the series is now available at LPM. It is the mint-sealed 2016 1oz Canada Five Blessings .9999 Silver Coin. Purchasing silver coins from LPM comes with a range of excellent benefits, including lowest pricing practices and no hidden fees. You can invest in precious metals and enjoy more savings at the same time.

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