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African Wildlife

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For many years, the South African Krugerrand was Africa’s only gold coin, but in recent years, that has begun to change. 2015 saw the release of the African Wildfire Series, which has taken the coin collection world by storm. These coins have led to great demand as well as a greater awareness of African coinage.

About This Series

The coins, which comprise the African Wildfire Series, come in the form of one ounce gold. Some depict an image of the African elephant, which is a truly majestic animal due to its size, power and presence. The coins also feature images of African terrain and landscapes such as savannahs, and the obverse side of the coin shows the year they were minted as well as the monetary value. Mintages are limited so these coins are becoming harder to find. Get them while you can!

Why You Should Buy African Wildfire Gold Coins from LPM

Gold and silver coins have served as an important investment vehicle for centuries, and their beauty and artistry makes them desirable by collectors. When acquiring these products, it is important to get them from a dealer that is experienced, dedicated, and above all else trustworthy. Over the last 5 years, LPM has emerged as one of Asia’s largest precious metals dealer and this is due to our unrivaled extensive inventory, distributorships with some of the world’s most prominent mints, and our commitment to our clients. Each shipping order made through us is insured and we don’t charge any hidden fees. Shop with LPM today and get your hands on the African Wildfire gold coins!

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